Why is PDM so Darned Expensive?

product data management 2

We’ve been talking all things SOLIDWORKS Product Data Management (PDM) and why it’s such a critical investment for business growth. While in retrospect, most companies comprehend this, small to mid-sized companies are still notorious for not pulling the trigger on PDM. Naturally, we’ve been educating these exact customers on the incredible value they can gain from adopting this tool but…that’s not enough. Let’s talk about the parametrically modeled elephant in the room, he’s looking at you and saying, “Do you understand the intricacies that go into implementing this?” Oh yeah, his trunk is also holding your wallet because his follow-up is, “Can you even afford this?”

In the following blog we aim to talk costs and complexities, the real barriers to entry.


We’re not going to tell you that this isn’t a big investment, believe us, it is. There’s the software, the servers (given you don’t currently have them), and the implementation. However, if you’re looking at what you’re paying versus what you’re receiving—you’ll never get the full picture. In fact, for the sake of this article, it might make sense to look at what not having PDM costs you. Check out the whitepaper below to see for yourself.

real cost

Kind of puts things into perspective doesn’t it? If you’re still hesitant, we should also mention that you have options for PDM. DesignPoint offers both on cloud and on-premise solutions. So, you can host your data locally in-house, or you can have our awesome partners at EpiGrid help you out. EpiGrid has expertise in server hosting, network architecture optimization and implementation, as well as system administration and consultation. If you want to learn more about them and what they do, check out this awesome 3 minute video.


The dealership sells you a car but they don’t teach you how to drive it. This isn’t like that. It’s the furthest thing from that. DesignPoint is with you every step of the way to make sure you’re successful and don’t get overwhelmed with the complexities you might foresee. Think of it as having the dealership, the driver’s ed teacher, and the mechanic all in your PDM journey. We’re here to walk you through your investment, teach you how to maneuver it, and then troubleshoot it too!

You see we start by retrofitting your PDM solution but our job only begins there. Our expert engineers, then, sit down with you and seek to understand exactly how your business works. Questions are asked that guide our team through your process and a workflow is developed to show how products go from inception to production. Next, our highly qualified engineers bring their knowledge forward. Since they have industry experience in a variety of different areas, they’re able to make intelligent suggestions that can further optimize your process and fill any current gaps in your procedure(s). After that, you can rest easy knowing that an expert will completely configure everything you need with the parameters you’ve set.

Better still, you always have trusted support on the other end of your phone that you can reach simply by dialing our tech support line.

So if costs or complexities are getting in your way ask yourself, Are they really? Or are you? Let’s have a conversation to better understand your needs.