Why You Should Consider Large Format 3D Printing with BigRep

The Future is Big

Looking to take your company to the next level? Forget leveling up. It’s time to SCALE up with BigRep’s Large Format 3D Printing. BigRep’s Large Format 3D Printers can create single-piece parts at a scale that regular 3D printers can’t achieve. Now, big items like large industrial parts, furniture and even motorcycles can be printed in one piece in much faster time than traditional manufacturing methods and without compromising quality. Why should your business utilize this innovative technology? Read on to see why you should go Big with BigRep

The Big Build

3D printing has a reputation for creating parts fast, but until now those products were relatively small in size. Creating a larger product meant printing out multiple parts and combining them in post-production. Not anymore. With a build volume of up to one cubic meter, BigRep’s large scale formats allow you to make your big product in just one print run. With that capacity, it’s time to dream big. Take a walk around your shop floor and imagine the vast applications you could now manufacture in-house, all while saving time and money. After all, it’s called BigRep for a reason!

A Multitude of Materials

A printed part is only as good as the material(s) it was made with. BigRep specializes in the development of superior 3D printing materials. From affordable and versatile PLA to durable and impact-resistant PETG, there’s a filament for every function. In fact, BigRep has joined forces with BASF on this one. BASF has the broadest portfolio of materials in the chemical industry that can be used to develop 3D printing materials, so there is no question as to the quality you receive. Better still, with BigRep, you can choose any material you deem fit. Any material? Yes, you read that correctly. One of the many perks of BigRep’s open-source capability is the flexibility and customization that can go into your material selection. Can’t decide which filament to use? No problem. The dual extruders allow you to use more than one material to make your parts. So get on out there and dream big again. Endless materials mean endless production potential.

Future-Proofing Your Business

Staying on top of the latest technology can seem like a full-time job, but its critical to ensuring a competitive advantage. BigRep’s large format 3D Printers are on the cutting edge of manufacturing, making it simple for you to remain on top. Their easy user interface turns you into an instant large format printing pro. And their high quality and high-speed functionality gets your product out of the gate fast. Best of all, their affordable price points place a world of 3D Printing possibilities within reach, regardless of your budget. So, don’t worry about keeping pace with new tech – the future never looked so good…or so Big.