Is New England the Best? Ayuh!

5 Reasons Why We Love the New England States

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The New England States have a lot to love. The territory that brought us chowder, lobster rolls and Ben & Jerry’s is full of wicked awesome sights from Arcadia to the Cape. DesignPoint is lucky to serve the region, and while we can’t get enough of its iconic lighthouses and mountain peaks, we also enjoy some of the quirkier facets of the area. So “bang a ‘uey” and “pahk the cah in Hahvahd Yahd” while we share just a few things that we adore about New England, reinforcing why we chose to serve the area in additive manufacturing!

1. Hold My Beer...

while I get another one in Portland, Maine. That’s where you’ll find the most breweries per capita.  With a whopping 18 breweries per 50,000 people, you’ll have a lot of reasons to say Cheers!

2. The Vermont Hills Are Alive...

with the Von Trapp Family! You know the story of The Sound of Music.  But did you know the real-life Von Trapp Family emigrated to America and eventually settled in Stowe, Vermont?  Not only are they still there, but they run the thriving Von Trapp Family Lodge, which brings “a Little Austria” to “A Lot of Vermont”.

3. Pour Me Some Maple Syrup...

and lots of it. Pancakes aren’t complete without that golden-brown nectar poured on top. If you need some, head to Vermont, which produces about 5.5 percent of the world’s Maple Syrup. That’s over 2 million gallons annually! New Hampshire and Maine are also among the nation’s top producers, making New England the sweetest (and stickiest) region in the U.S.

4. I Want Candy

What’s more fun than eating candy from the head of R2D2 or Winnie the Pooh? Headquartered in Orange, CT, PEZ Candy produces over 3 billion of those tasty little bricks annually. Want a more traditional treat? Lollipops were invented in Connecticut in 1908 when George Smith decided to put hard, sugary candies onto a stick.  He named the confection after his favorite horse, Lolly Pop.

5. They are a Manufacturing Mecca

Manufacturing is alive and well in the New England territory, with several of its states possessing a larger share of employment and Gross State Product in manufacturing than the national average. The region manufactures a wide variety of products in the fields of aerospace, electronics, fabricated metals and forging, transportation, and more.

What do all of these fun tidbits have in common? 3D Printing!  Breweries, syrup, and even PEZ candy require packaging that is produced more efficiently with 3D Printers than with traditional manufacturing methods. Foundries, the aerospace industry and other industries utilize 3D Printers from our partners, Markforged and BigRep, to get their products to market faster with reduced costs and waste.  And, hold onto your Von Trapp…even the hospitality industry can utilize this innovative tech to create customized creations ranging from hotel furniture to dinner plates. Is your manufacturing mecca feeling more like a mea culpa? Are you in a sticky situation with your candy company? Give us a call to discuss the Wicked Smaht ways 3D Printing will transform your business.