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Why the Government Uses 3D Printers to Enhance Their Military Might

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Markforged’s mantra is print stronger.  And there’s nothing stronger than the US Military. That’s why Markforged’s 3D Printers are used throughout the US Government to serve those who so honorably serve our country. Today we take a look at how 3D Printers ensure our armed forces are good to go, no matter the situation.

Supply Chain Independence

You’re in the middle of the desert in a remote country and a part breaks. But the replacement part is thousands of miles away back in the U.S. It could take a lot of time (and a lot of money) to go through the complex supply chain to get a new part. But your team’s budget is modest, and you need to be fully operational today, not weeks from now. An onsite 3D Printer produces the part you need on site and in hours. It also costs a lot less, so there’s no need to go through a lengthy and expensive supply chain. Just produce the custom tool or end-use part in real time and say goodbye to that long wait (and an even longer expense bill).

Print Anywhere, In Any Environment

Need a printed part but you are in the middle of nowhere? Don’t worry. There’s no need to cannibalize from other equipment.  Most Markforged’s 3D Printers can go wherever you go. Even the industrial series is surprisingly quiet and compact, making it easy to not only keep one on hand, but pack up and move if your location needs to change in a hurry. Just like the military, Markforged 3D Printers are tough. Whether they are in outer space or several thousand miles away in the desert, these durable units will stand up to severe environments so you can focus on the 3D printed parts, not the 3D printer.

Durable Printed Parts for the Roughest Conditions

They’re called Military Grade for a reason. A variety of Markforged’s Military Grade materials are strong enough to survive the harshest environments.  Just imagine the beautifully resiliant and impactful prints that you can achieve with their proprietary Onyx! The composite material features unmatched strength, superior print quality, and a high-quality surface finish.  The best part? Their new Onyx FR is a flame-retardant version of the composite designed specifically for aerospace, automotive, and defense industries.  This self-extinguishing material will stop your print from burning. Now that’s tough.

Want to learn more about Markforged? Check out our resources. Better yet, give us a call and we’ll literally show you what these bad boys can print in real time!

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