What The…WiFi?!

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"The WiFi isn't working...again!"

Is this a constant refrain around your house? It sure is in mine. Unbearably long downloads, interrupted gaming, and shaky streaming are just a few of the injustices I’ve suffered thanks to a spotty connection. Over the years we’ve all hated our home WiFi. Now that I’m working remotely my home WiFi is also my office WiFi…yikes!

At DesignPoint we are passionate about Great Products, Fanatical Service, and Trusted Partnerships. Thanks to that unbearably slow WiFi connection, it’s no wonder why we are currently hyper focused on Fanatical Service…Internet service, that is! We love this article and video from the Wall Street Journal about boosting your in-home WiFi (please note that the article is gated, however the video summarizes the content). Check out their tips for enhancing your connection and you’ll be back to playing Minecraft with your friends OR collaborating with your co-workers…in no time.

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