Display/Delete Relations Tool

Have you ever made a change to a feature or sketch in your model and suddenly got an error or two show up somewhere else in the model? How many times did the error look like this?



Do you know what to look for when this message appears? The first bullet point tells you to delete the dangling sketch entities, which could be sketch relations or dimensions. When you edit the problem sketch, those dangling entities will show up in a yellow-brown color by default. This color can be changed by going to Tools > Options > Colors > Color scheme settings > Dimensions, Dangling. If you can’t immediately see anything wrong with the sketch when you edit it, you can use the Display/Delete Relations button on your sketch toolbar to find them for you.


The Display/Delete Relations tool can help you find every sketch relation or dimension in your sketch, or filter for a subset of them.


Dangling items will show up in the list of sketch relations and dimensions in the same dangling color that was mentioned previously. Clicking on any item from the list will highlight the sketch relation or dimension, and the sketch entities they relate to in your graphics view. There are even buttons offered to suppress or delete the sketch relation or dimension.

Once you know where to look for dangling sketch entities, the time required to fix
the problem is drastically reduced. The Display/Delete Relations tool is also great for getting familiar with the relations in a sketch that you didn’t create. Let me know if you’ve ever used the Display/Delete Relations tool to help a co-worker through a tough time with a sketch.