Power User Spotlight: Chris Laurita

COVID PPE Mask Adjusters


· Top Down Modeling inside of an Assembly with a fit spline

Chris used a new plane inside of the assembly once he placed the main components to sketch out where the strap would be. Then he transferred this sketch into a new part and extruded it as a thin feature. This part makes the assembly really seem viable especially when he added the fabric appearance of grey cotton.

· Kickstarter projects and using SOLIDWORKS for product development

Chris is using SOLIDWORKS to include branding and decals on the outside of parts that were imported from a vendor. This will really help when people are seeing these parts on a Kickstarter campaign.

· Using Surface Lofting for complex modeling and organic shapes

The front face mask uses a combination of 2D and 3D sketches to create an amazingly realistic front face mask. The right plane that bisected the face was a 2D sketch because he was able to mirror the other half of the mask once it was created using a surface loft.

· Including appearances and rendering with Photoview 360

The appearances applied through materials earlier were used to create renderings and videos that really showcase the design. He even was able to create multiple outputs showing the designs in different real world locations.

Want to follow Chris Laurita and learn more about what he’s been up to? Check out these links:

USER GROUP:  https://www.meetup.com/Monmouth-County-SolidWorks-User-Group


LINKEDIN – www.linkedin.com/in/chris-laurita-cswp-eit-29200013