Power User: Paul Hillman

Customizing Manage for Any Business Database
with Paul Hillman, Technical Specialist

Paul Hillman partnered with DesignPoint in implementing Manage for his company. This initial step of working with a trusted partner and investing in new technology has led Paul to an in-depth competency and love for problem solving in Manage. DesignPoint’s Andrew Parkhurst was thankful to get a behind the scenes look at something that Paul designed inside of Manage. It’s such a cool project that he even presented it at 3DExperience World 2019. Check out why Paul is definitely a SOLIDWORKS Manage Power User!


Customizing Manage

  • Setting up a Case that guides a User
  • Record the Communication in One Secure Location
  • Manage the Access to the Data

Project Management

  • Visible Progress Bars
  • Systematized Process Flow Chart
  • User Roles and Responsibilities