Power User: Paul Hillman

Customizing Manage for Any Business Database
with Paul Hillman, Technical Specialist, Parts Super Center

Paul Hillman partnered with DesignPoint in implementing Manage for his company, Parts Super Center. This initial step of working with a trusted partner and investing in new technology has led Paul to an in-depth competency and love for problem solving in Manage. DesignPoint’s Andrew Parkhurst was thankful to get a behind the scenes look at something that Paul designed inside of Manage. It’s such a cool project that he even presented it at 3DExperience World 2019. Check out why Paul is definitely a SOLIDWORKS Manage Power User!


Customizing Manage

  • Setting up a Case that guides a User
  • Record the Communication in One Secure Location
  • Manage the Access to the Data

Project Management

  • Visible Progress Bars
  • Systematized Process Flow Chart
  • User Roles and Responsibilities