Best Practices for a PDM Upgrade [Video Vignette]

When it comes to SOLIDWORKS Product Data Management (PDM), we understand all the incredible benefits and love that so many of our customers have become masters of it. We’re all fans of SOLIDWORKS PDM here and know there’s only one thing better than your current PDM system–the newest version of PDM!

It’s definitely time for an upgrade. Some customers choose to do upgrades on their own, and we’ve tried to curate all the proper process documents to help them. This time, we wanted to get a little bit more personal and more specific. Check out our webinar where we dig into all of the best practices you should know to have a successful PDM Upgrade.

The references that were shown can be found below:

Psst! Still feeling daunted? There’s a reason why that webinar started with a disclaimer. We understand that PDM Upgrades are not for the faint of heart. Don’t worry though because DesignPoint is here to help! We’re happy to do the heavy lifting to ensure a hiccup-free upgrade. Contact us today and inquire about all our PDM services.