Getting Real About ERP Systems and Data Management [Video]

If your company has an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system or is thinking about getting one this is a great video to check out and learn how the ERP works seamlessly with SOLIDWORKS Data Management solutions, including PDM and Manage. Enjoy this lighthearted discussion and prepare to learn a ton! What else would you expect from the engineers here at DesignPoint where More Is Possible®!

Topics Covered


What is an ERP system?

What is a data management system?

ERP Integration - Casual User Level

I have an ERP system do I really need a SOLIDWORKS PDM?

How will PDM affect my day-to-day workday?

Let's Get detailed!

What information is transferred between an ERP system and PDM? Manage?

How can Manage integrate with an ERP system?


Common examples of how customers work with ERP and data management systems.