A Live Look into Markforged’s 3D Printers [Webinar]

Additive manufacturing has become a competitive necessity. While recent global elements have exposed supply chain weaknesses, additive has proven to be the silver lining amidst the manufacturing ambiguity of today. So WHY additive? We all know why. Our webinar aims to address a different question…HOW?

HOW is it that Markforged printers work? HOW is that Markforged printers can produce such robust parts? HOW do we know whether we should be exploring Industrial or Metal?

You will receive a comprehensive understanding of all this and more as we give you a live look into the 3D printing line. Expect to see a Markforged X7 and a Metal X at work, better understand the additive process, and more importantly, the benefits they can bring YOU.

Let’s reinvent manufacturing.