Simplifying SOLIDWORKS Models from Online Resources [Video]

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Finding SOLIDWORKS models online for download is awesome. Sometimes, we have to strip these models down so we can actually use them. Do you know how to do that? Would you like to learn. Then watch this video below!

We started by searching McMaster-Carr for a SOLIDWORKS model to download. Their extensive online catalog is a great resource for engineering projects. We can download an actual SOLIDWORKS file and not just a solid and that is a great benefit as well, especially when we want to simplify the model. Once we found and downloaded the right part we could improve it using some simple steps.


1.       Reduce Image Quality

  • Under System Options > Document Properties > Image Quality

2.       Create a Simplified Configuration

  • Suppress any features with unnecessary detail (Helixes)

3.       Save File to Update Version

  • Older versions require more system resources


Once we did these simple steps we checked the model to see how it improved using the Assembly Visualization, specifically the Performance Analysis option. This is found under the Evaluate tab on the toolbar ribbon. With these minor changes, we were able able to decrease the load on this system by 10X and that adds up every time we choose to re-use this component.

This process can be used on any McMaster-Carr components downloaded as a SOLIDWORKS part file. Thank you for joining us and if you would like further information on working with Large Assemblies and increasing your productivity please check out this webinar: Assemblies Performance !