Video Communication 101 [Video Vignette]

A lot of us are working from home (WFH) and so we thought that we’d share a couple of our best practices and tips for video communication. In this 5 minute video, we dig into a few DesignPointers that we can all benefit from. Rather read than watch? Check out all the details below…

Tips to Make Videos Great

  • Wi-Fi Conservation – Turn off any devices not necessary for your video conference. Your Wi-Fi is a limited resource and if you’re experiencing connection issues or lagging this is something to make sure you’ve optimized.
  • Quality Matters – Make sure your environment is not distracting and that light sources are behind the camera as much as possible. Any windows or light sources behind your head will darken your face and make the video quality worse. This is frustrating to participants who would give up on video calls and just do an audio call instead.
  • Equipment to Consider – Video conferencing can work with the most basic tools of a laptop but if you have a dedicated webcam, microphone, and dual monitor those would all help the quality and ease of adoption.

Short Videos are Powerful

  • A picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth even more. If you have an update for your team and want to add a personal touch, then consider recording and sending a small video.
  • This can include a screen share and/or video recording and will allow you to create a database of information that team members can watch whenever they have time.
  • We recommend the Chrome add-in Soapbox which is simple to use and allows you to send out a link to a web hosted video.

Live Video Conferencing

  • Business productivity can actually increase from incorporating this technology. It allows the team to feel connected and up-to date on progress while working remotely.
  • Keep a regularly scheduled meeting and this will lead to the team being comfortable with using the tools again for other shorter 1:1 calls too. In time this will become a regular habit.
  • This can be a resource for projects but it can also add fun to the company and uplift the culture (for instance, DesignPoint hosted a virtual happy hour for its employees) which will reduce stress and enforce positive attitudes.

Available Tools

  • Microsoft Teams
    • Easy to use and comes with Office 365 so it works well with Outlook.
  • Zoom
    • Lots of functionality for the project team and allows a wide group of participants.