One ‘STEP’ Beyond [Webinar]

Introducing the latest design technology for a seamless integration
between your electrical and mechanical design teams.

For the past decade, the STEP format has been instrumental in assisting in the collaboration between the MCAD and ECAD tools. But, STEP has its limitations. Those who have imported STEPs from ECAD tools know that there is work to be done to make the visual representations of a component act as such. Conversely, the ECAD tools are simply not capable of discerning any features within the STEP file other than the geometries. It all comes in as one representation. Yes, the tools can talk, but not without a lot of e-mails and clean up.

SOLIDWORKS has introduced their printed circuit board tool called SOLIDWORKS PCB. The power behind this tool is its ability to communicate with SOLIDWORKS by allowing the mechanical and electrical elements of the design to be worked out without importing/exporting STEPs or spending hours trying to clean up.

DesignPoint’s electronics partner Nine Dot Connects will demonstrate the power of this tool. More so, it will be demonstrated with the M.E. in Houston, TX and the E.E. in San Diego, CA. A must see for those who want the ability to collaborate between tools and different locations!

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