Stop Guesstimating and Start Validating Your Designs [Webinar]

Watch this 23-minute webinar to learn how you can solve common design challenges that disrupt product development earlier.

Engineers and designers face these common design challenges at some point throughout their development cycles:

These issues impact not only the engineers but business owners, managers and other departments within the organization.

Bicycle Hitch Model in SOLIDWORKS

Watch this 23-minute webinar with Lizzie Greiner, an applications engineer at DesignPoint, to discover how to make this bicycle hitch cheaper, lighter and more durable.

She’ll walk you through various studies using SOLIDWORKS Simulation that can answer questions like:

  • How much load can it endure?
  • What is the lifespan of the bicycle hitch?
  • What type of environments can it withstand?
  • How can you reduce its material costs to stay within budget?

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