SOLIDWORKS Advanced Assembly Modeling

SOLIDWORKS Advanced Assembly Modeling

November 8, 2021


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What to Expect

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Time: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM — lunch is included!
  • Prerequisites: SOLIDWORKS Fundamentals and a minimum of 80 hours of SOLIDWORKS modeling time.
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Key Benefits

Improve the Speed and Performance of Assemblies

  • Assemble your models quicker
  • Spend less time updating individual parts
  • Automate hardware and preset mates into a part
  • Improve performance for large assemblies and fix assembly errors
  • Display your assembly with various, easy to switch between, display states
  • Design entire assemblies starting with just a layout sketch


Assembly Modeling

Advanced Mates

Accomplish more, faster, by using mates that better define the relationships between your parts.

Top Down Assembly Modeling

Create assemblies with parts that actively reference each other and automatically update to reflect design changes.

Automation of Commonly Used Components

Never add hardware manually again! Place mates in commonly used components to automatically place them when inserting into an assembly.

Display States

Control how your assembly is displayed. Learn how to create various displays and switch between them easily to show exactly what you are trying to capture.

Improve Performance of Large Assemblies

Drastically improve the speed of large assemblies. Learn how the structure of a model, the detail shown, and mates used effect the performance of an assembly.

Layout-based Design

Create a layout from scratch that describes the motion of an assembly through sketch block relationships. Create parts from these sketch blocks and an assembly from these parts.

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