November 15, 2021


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What to Expect

  • Duration: 3 days
  • Time: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM — lunch is included!
  • Prerequisites: Fundamentals I, Fundamentals II, and/or a minimum of 80 hours of SOLIDWORKS modeling time.
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Key Benefits

Minimize Mistakes by Virtually Testing Your Designs

  • Perform linear static studies of your part  and assembly designs
  • Speed up the analysis process by taking advantage of different element types for sheet metal and weldment types parts
  • Perform Stress Analysis
  • Automate your design and testing by using Design Studies to find worst case scenarios or size features
  • Create customizable reports to share your results
  • Design better, more cost-effective designs with less manual iteration


Make Better Decisions Based on Virtual Simulation

The Analysis Process

Understand preprocessing, meshing, and post processing.

Meshing and Mesh refinements

Investigate and understand the different options associated with meshing your models.

Using Symmetry

Take advantage of symmetry to accelerate the analysis process.

Meshing Shells and mixing them with solid meshes

Converting thin parts like sheet metal in shell elements to reduce analysis time.

Meshing beams and mixing them with other mesh types

Converting constant profile parts like weldments into beam elements to reduce analysis time.

Design Studies

Understand the Design Study process.

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