SOLIDWORKS Surface Modeling

SOLIDWORKS Surface Modeling

October 25, 2021


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What to Expect

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Time: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Prerequisites: SOLIDWORKS Fundamentals and a minimum of 80 hours of SOLIDWORKS modeling time.
SOLIDWORKS Surface modeling

Key Benefits

Learn How to Design Complex and Organic Parts

  • Create complex surfaces and bodies for a natural, organic look
  • Gain tighter control of complex fillets and chamfers
  • Reduce workloads by modifying imported geometry
SOLIDWORKS surface modeling training class


Hone Your Surfacing Skills

Surfacing Basics

Understand surfaces in the context of SOLIDWORKS and learn how to create, trim, extend, thicken, and manipulate them.

Solid-Surface Hybrid Modeling

Use surfaces in conjunction with other features to modify and create solids.

Repair and Edit Imported Geometry

Modify geometry that was imported from alternate file types and repair translation errors.

Blends and patches

Create and manipulate complex blends to give your product a finished look.

Advanced Surface Modeling

Use a sketch picture to capture design intent, create lofted surfaces, and implement design changes.

Master Model Techniques

Maintain design intent while creating complex surface models using these techniques.

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SOLIDWORKS surfacing

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